Thursday, 23 August 2012

I do I do I do I do

Where have the past few weeks gone? I have been sucked up into a whirlwind of summer holiday frolicks and distracted by the best question I have ever heard.
I recently spent a lovely day in Deal with the OH where we had a gorgeous lunch of battered rig (dogfish, but much nicer then it sounds) and chips (yummy). Those who know me will know that Chip shop chips are my favourite food ever, If you ever want to bribe me then chips are the way to go...but moving on...
My OH then told me how ice cream in Ramsgate would be a great end, Confused me as Deal, being a seaside town  also has ice cream, but nevertheless I agreed and we travelled to ramsgate where we got some gorgeous ice cream (lime sorbet for me) and went for a walk to the end of the pier. Which is where we had one of our first dates, when i was contemplating whether or not to give this ginger man a chance or whether I would prefer to stay single.

Whilst there he dropped to one knee and pulled out the most fantastically beuatiful vintage style ring and asked if i would marry him!!
I KNOW!!!!

I said yes and the past 2 weeks have been a whirlwind of family events, wedding conversations and admiring my opal and diamond engagement ring.
I will keep you posted of any wedding ideas and catastrophes we may have. But for now i must be off, and take Toad to collect his GCSE results.

Until next time
L xxx

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A Visit to Walmer

Walmer Castle, Deal
Yesterday was spent at the tranquil Walmer Castle, in Deal. Fascinating stories of Queen Victoria, Duke of Wellington and his death mask (eugh indeed). I love it here, and I could definitely imagine myself living in a castle like that, my kind of decor very grand yet homely. Will have to take some DIY inspiration from the windows leading onto the veranda, painted a gorgeous purple and lilac for each pane with cream shutters, CUTE!
It was a lovely day though as the Brothers and sister had never been before and they really showed an interest, although Egg was far more worried about being attacked by ghosts, no matter how much I reassured her, and Roo was more interested in running up and down the hill, and then there was 16 year old Toad who reluctantly came but soon found he had an interest in photography.

I think this castle with its wonderful Gardens is great for a vintage photo shoot, (which definitely needs to be done one day). Egg did a great job capturing my vintage look for the day in a few photos, which included my gorgeous thrifted handbag, Will have to dedicate a post to it soon.
My favourite part was definitely the vintage games on the lawn, Whilst the children played Chess, Toad and I played a game of Quoits, how very British!
And the whole family came together for the traditional stop at the gift shop. All in all a lovely visit, and luckily the rain held off!

Toad, Egg, and Roo

I see No Ships

Toad in his Vintage RAF coat
I was Wearing
Dress: Primark (blue with seagulls no doubt)
Cardigan: Vintage 80s
Bag: Thrifted

Monday, 30 July 2012

I'm having a Vintage Affair

So I have started this little Blog up without giving any of you an idea who I am...My name is Lisa and I live in the south east of Kent, the lovely Garden of England (if you have never been come and visit, its Gorgeous).
I am the Second eldest of five children, so at times you may here me talk about  the "kids" but trust me these are not mine! I've got a job, I have a partner and we live in our first house, a small Topsy turvy one, but ours nonetheless...But there is something I must admit too, I have another love...Vintage!
I have always had a fondness for history, as have both my parents so this journey was inevitable really. I cant think of anything I don't like about the forties and fifties. The fit of the clothes is so much more realistic in comparison to so many off the rack clothes, and lets face it, what woman doesn't love pampering herself every morning, even if I am just going to the shops why shouldn't I look like I've stepped out of a history book, or on my way to an evening event!
And this is Me
People always say to me "ooo it must take ages getting your hair like that", truth is No it doesn't. I mean don't get me wrong of course I have my bad hair days when my hair doesn't want to pin curl, or decides to go straight as soon as I've put the hairspray down, but the majority of the times it works with me. When it doesn't I throw on a head scarf, or Crocheted snood and no one suspects a thing.

That's all I can think of about me at the moment, If anything else comes up, (which is Vital to know) I share it with you all, but for now I am off with the 'Kids' to explore a castle, (another benefit of living in Kent, the fantastic History).
Until Next time,
L xx

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Bert and Dickie

I have noticed in 2012 the love for the 1940s/50s coming back into full swing. This may be down to the Queens jubilee, or even the Olympics where so much focus has been on the last time Great Britain hosted (1948).
However I am not complaining...I am over the moon that even TV channels are making more and more programmes set in this Glorious era.
One such programme is BBCs Bert and Dickie. Not only is Matt Smith playing a leading roll, which as a Whovian sells it to me instantly, but also being set in 1948.
Bert and Dickie, From the BBC

The story itself is interesting, revealing a side to the Olympics double Sculls many wouldnt know but I love how authentic the costume design is. There are not that many photos of the womenswear to be found, but if you have time pop onto BBC iPlayer and have a look for yourself.
Property of BBC
 I love the look pictured above, Great colour coat and dress combination. It really shows the feel from the drab clothes of the 40s and the brighter clothes going into the 50s.

Watching this really inspired me to go Vintage shopping and luckily we have had an anual War fair locally so have spent the past 2 days shopping and browsing the stalls.
But I will blog about that later as I could type forever about my new vintage dress!

If  you've seen Bert and Dickie leave a comment and let me know what you thought,
Until next time,
L xx