Sunday, 29 July 2012

Bert and Dickie

I have noticed in 2012 the love for the 1940s/50s coming back into full swing. This may be down to the Queens jubilee, or even the Olympics where so much focus has been on the last time Great Britain hosted (1948).
However I am not complaining...I am over the moon that even TV channels are making more and more programmes set in this Glorious era.
One such programme is BBCs Bert and Dickie. Not only is Matt Smith playing a leading roll, which as a Whovian sells it to me instantly, but also being set in 1948.
Bert and Dickie, From the BBC

The story itself is interesting, revealing a side to the Olympics double Sculls many wouldnt know but I love how authentic the costume design is. There are not that many photos of the womenswear to be found, but if you have time pop onto BBC iPlayer and have a look for yourself.
Property of BBC
 I love the look pictured above, Great colour coat and dress combination. It really shows the feel from the drab clothes of the 40s and the brighter clothes going into the 50s.

Watching this really inspired me to go Vintage shopping and luckily we have had an anual War fair locally so have spent the past 2 days shopping and browsing the stalls.
But I will blog about that later as I could type forever about my new vintage dress!

If  you've seen Bert and Dickie leave a comment and let me know what you thought,
Until next time,
L xx

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